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Pierre Loti Hill is one of the well known places of İstanbul. Pierre Loti is located in Eyup, which belongs to Fatih district, on the european side of Bosphorus, Istanbul. There is a cafe (tea house) which has an incredible view of Golden Horn, from Eyup to Eminonu. There are also touristic hotels and small souvenir shops.

The name Pierre Loti comes from the French writer and naval Louis Marie Julien Viaud, who lived in Istanbul. He usually visited the tea house in Eyup, Golden Horn and he admired the view of Golden Horn. He had a warm relationship with the Turkish people around him, he also got in love with a Turkish lady. He wrote a book about his life in Istanbul.

This is one of the more traditional and conservative areas of the city, so you may not be able to find alcohol service even at the hotel. On the other hand, it?s a great place to drink your Turkish coffee.

Coming to Pierre Loti Hill can be strenuous if you decide to climb up the hill. The climb up the hill might be worth it given the magnificent view, but the stairs will lead you through the Eyup Sultan Graveyard. The alternative is to take the cable-car (teleferic).




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